a Benzo in Bubble


Up to now, only concepts and a few projects not ready for release.

But I thought to myself, I may want to drop
a conceptual design of my website...
(Yes, I do like tacky looks!)

Until the first release happens,
you may find some code-snippets,
game-art from "proof-of-concept"- and "training"-projects and maybe documentation on these pages.

I don't know why, but humans love to push red buttons,
So you may be interested in the upper left corner!

Bubble Bobbleâ„¢ and all of its characters
like Bub, Bob, Benzo, Lord Blubba, etc.
you can find here,
where re-drawn from ground up, by the author of this page,
(only for educational purposes)
but solely belong to Taito Coorp. Japan.


The Pentaray was a weapon developed by the people of Solturis.
It fired a combination of Alpha, Infra, Omega, Ultra and Beta rays. It had not been used in one hundred years prior to the arrival of the Daleks, who stole the weapon and substituted a fake Penta Ray in its place. Geltis offered to give the Daleks the operating key, but then turned the weapon against them. After Geltis died, Jareth used the PentaRay to destroy the Daleks.